otHELLo EXAULT/SIN Open Beta Test

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otHELLo: EXAULT/SIN is a narrative, sci-fi, horror RPG where players take the roles of EXAULTED in a space station infected with an unknown entity called SIN. This is the first game using the SIN System I've been developing.

The following rules are presented in an unfinished state for open beta testing. I hope you enjoy the game, and I look foward to your feedback. Feedback can be sent to rkalajian [at] gmail.com.

otHELLo: EXAULT/SIN Open Beta Rules

This page will serve as the main hub for the beta test, and will contain all future updates over the course of the testing period.

Coming Soon: Center St.: otHELLo

otHELLo Corridor

A guide for creating a space station for otHELLo using the SIN System's Center St. module.