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The Exaulted

Something miraculous happened. No one knows how or why, but Humanity was granted a gift. Among the stars, with little hope left for our kind, the EXAULTED came to be. Humans with extraordinary powers that manifested seemingly at random.

We prospered with newfound energy and determination we hadn’t known for centuries. We spread father across the vastness of space, expanding at an ever-increasing pace. Nothing stood in our way. Not until SIN.


Just as suddenly as those with EXAULT came to be, SIN arrived to put us in check. First observed in an understation laboratory on the orbital research station OTHELLO VII, it was only seen in those individuals with an EXAULT at first.

It was too much to hope that the lab could contain the menace. Shortly after being discovered, it spread through OTHELLO VII like a plague. Those consumed by it were forever changed, twisted, and dark.

With untold horrors now loose in our universe, it is up to us to contain them: the EXAULTED, and everyone else. We can’t let SIN leave the station. We need to know where it came from and how we can defeat it.


OTHELLO is a role-playing game that places players aboard a secret research station that has been infected with SIN, a deadly force of unknown origin and power. Each player will create a character with a profession and EXAULT, a power beyond an average mortal.

To play OTHELLO, you’ll need the rule book and a stack of 2-sided tokens. Coins will do, but a particular type of token with black on one side and white on the other works best. You’ll need a Doyen, or storyteller, and one or more players. Other than that, you’ll need a piece of paper for your character.

OTHELLO, at its core, is a narrative game. It is also just that, a game. The most important thing is to always make sure you’re having fun. Please make sure to use proper RPG safety tools to ensure the maximum comfort and enjoyment of everyone involved. For more information check out http://bit.ly/ttrpgsafetytoolkit.

The Beta

I'll soon be releasing the rules for the Open Beta of OTHELLO: EXAULT/SIN. These rules have been playtested to a point with a closed group, but need more testing from a wider audience. There will be a place to download the rules and converse about the game set up shortly.