Are the Senso Wings the best wireless earbuds under $100? They come pretty close. I can say that I am certainly happy with them. I have gone through many pairs of budget wireless earbuds, both ones where a wire connects the two sides and true wireless earbuds. The Senso Wings offer ease of use, good sound quality, and comfort for a price that falls well under that $100 price tag.

Senso Wings

One of the Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Earbuds can not just be wireless anymore. They need to be true wireless earbuds to compete in today’s market. True wireless earbuds do not just stop at Apple AirPods. There are many more out there to rival the AirPod, many with better sound, battery life, connection, and best of all, compatibility with more than just Apple devices.

Sadly, many true wireless earbuds are also extremely expensive. Searching for the best wireless headphones under $100 can be a tough choice, with many brands feeling too cheap, too heavy, or with sub-par sound quality. Thankfully, the Senso Wings do not fall into any of those categories.

Senso Wings TW10 Specs

The Senso Wings use 10mm vibrating diaphragm dynamic speakers the bring a balanced audio quality to the earbuds. They contain Dual Binaural Microphones featuring CVC 8.0 intelligent noise-canceling technology and support HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP. Using Bluetooth 5.0, the Senso Wings pair quickly, easily, and keep their connection.

Each earbud has a 60 degree Twist Lock System that keeps them secured to your head without being uncomfortable. As with most headphones, they also come with three different sized silicone caps to better fit a wide range of people’s ears.

Being true wireless earbuds, the Senso Wings allow people to choose whether to use one of both earbuds simultaneously. This feature helps conserve battery for those who only need a mono audio experience. The earbuds carrying case also serves as a charging station, and only the earbuds removed automatically connect to your device.

Senso Wings TW10 Daily Use

I have been using the Senso Wings for a bit over a month now, and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with how effortless they are to use. Whenever I am ready to go out, I pop them out of their case and on to my ears. They automatically connect to my phone, and I go on my merry way.

The sound quality is good, but not anything an audiophile would gush over. The earbuds are perfect for podcasts and audiobooks, which I routinely listen to, and have a pleasant sound when I fire up Spotify for a bit of Industrial music. The microphone quality is way better than I expected it to be, with my wife commenting on how clear I sound to her when I use my phone hands-free.

This tidbit brings me to my next point. While you can hold your finger on either earbud to activate your phone’s voice assistant, I only have to say “Hey Google” like I usually would for it to kick in. While it is nice to have a physical way to activate the feature, the audio cue works excellent.

There are no physical buttons on these earbuds. Like I stated earlier, they connect automatically when taken out of their case, and each earbud is tough sensitive. Tap once to play. Tap again to pause. There are a few other actions as well, but I never use them. 

I am a man of simple needs when it comes to wireless earbuds. I need them to work, sound decent, be comfortable, and not get in my way when I’m working, driving around town, or doing anything else. The Senso Wings do just this and excel at doing so.

Final Thoughts

Are the Senso Wings the best wireless earbuds under $100? Like I stated from the start, they are great for the price. The best I have ever used, and I have gone through at least four pairs in the past year before acquiring these. 

The Senso Wings currently sell for $59.87 on Amazon, and there is an immediate $20.00 coupon, which drops them to $39.97. For that price, there is no reason not to snag these and give them a shot.

A pair of Senso Wings were provided free for review by Senso Electronics

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